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we come to it at last

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Get to know me meme:

[5] favourite movies: The Lord of the Rings

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Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony, which is why I will end up an old maid.

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Luz being a dork requested by anotheralexandros

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   All I ever remember wanting to do, as a kid, was act - nothing else. In fact, about the only thing, other than acting, that I’d like to do is go live in the woods, build a log cabin at the top of a hill and try and hide away from the modern world. So, in many ways, [The Hobbit] ticked all the boxes: not only is it the ultimate acting challenge but it’s also biggest adventure you could go on while making a film.    

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"Um…  Can I ask…a question?"

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band of brothers — episode 4: replacements

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Finally finished ;;

Eomer and Lothiriel. From LOTR

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This particular item highlights the diversity of 18th century America. This is a charm, written in Gaelic, with the owner’s name written on the opposite side in English. The English side says “Dougald McFarland Moore County 1750.” Moore county was formed out of Cumberland county in 1784, so that inscription, at least, was written post Revolutionary War. 

Over 1/3rd of the colonists taking up arms for the “rights of Englishmen” in 1775 weren’t English. They were a mixture of German, Dutch, Irish, Scottish, and Scotch-Irish.

There were enough German speakers in Virginia alone to field a battalion of German speakers. 

As for the charm itself, this is what the North Carolina Digital Collections has to say about the translation:

Scholars have given somewhat varied translations interpretations of the substance of the Gaelic charm, which calls upon the miraculous power of “Calum Cille”, assisted by the “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”, to banish harm. “Calum Cille”, is the Gaelic name for Saint Columba. Born around 520 A.D. in Ireland, Calum Cille is credited with bringing Celtic Christianity, to Scotland. Beginning in 1739, large groups of Scots Highlanders settled in Cumberland County and other areas along the rivers in the upper Cape Fear Valley. Towards the end of the 18th century, Gaelic was still spoken in the region. Although landing in North Carolina marked a new life for the Highlanders, certain Highland customs and beliefs persisted, as shown by this remnant of Celtic Christianity.

Text of charm:

[Gaelic Charm] In the name of the Father and Son and holy g[host]…said [interlined]nach [return to text] a le(i)c san as huile murt [adh?]…a dhorche galar cull…ia nuach nid [h?] … mein veatha [?] nach … faic is nach faic eh [Interliner note probably p.r.7.n.d. =paidir rlimhe gus na dheigh] aire in ui[s]ge agus in tuillnodoch [ann[ ara ghrea. Chee is nach leasaich ni e [o] lann ia are nill egheire nial co mored She uisge agus Shee neag[h] …in thallt. Adeir habl[?] gach art hog e yeatsa gach tinneas a gach peannaid is S. Lea. Dia s coach mala [unfinished]. [English translation] In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost [amen] This protects him [i.e. the bearer] against all murder all kinds of disease of the back [N.B. usually “the stone” or “Grave”] [?gravel]… and in the middle of his life whether he sees it or not [the interlinear note is common in the MS- a prayer before and after taking medicine or reading this or undertaking any task of importance]and against water and flood, pain of every kind [which one sees]; and will protect him from sword if he is not rising up [text is broken here] [?]. Let him put six [measures?] of water and six … to the joint [i.e. the damaged or ailing joint in his body]HABL [?] says that he raised from you every evil, every sickness and every penalty and… God and all … burdens [unfinished text]

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“Go back?” he thought. “No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!”